» nike astronaut completes marathon i

nike astronaut completes marathon i

astronaut completes marathon in space

u.s. astronaut sunita “suni” williams became the fi nike rst person to run a marathon in space after she successfully crossed the metaphorical finish line for the boston marathon on the international space station (iss) on monday.

“i’m done! woo hoo! ” williams, out of breath, radioed to nasa”s johnson space center at 1423 e.d.f. (1823 gmt).

the 23 000 people entered in the boston marathon, may have wished they were running it in space. williams did not have to battle the heavy rain and winds and jostling crowds at the starting line of the race on monday.

she did have to contend with the monotony of 42.2 kilometres (26.2 miles) running on treadmill just without crowds to cheer her on, however, as well as sore hips and shoulders from the harness that kept her from floating off the contraption.

williams took several breaks during the race to adjust the harness, massage her legs and drink water out of bags with straws.

friends and family

despite the nike less than perfect running conditions in space, williams maintained a light hearted attitude. ” this treadmill just makes me crazy, “williams told ground controllers when they played part of the gnarls barkley song” crazy “sometim nike e after her 16th mile.

she had a bit of an advantage over other runners because the iss travels at about 7.7 kilometres for second. ” we estimate you’ve completed your marathon right now, but we figure you’ll run just a little longer, “nasa official radioed the space station just a few minutes after she began.

running in space does have its perks. she had laptop computers set up around her i know she could watch tapes of previous marathons.

though most of the six person iss crew was asleep while she was running, russian flight engineer oleg kotov came to the zvezda living quarters to cheer her on and take pictures. at one poin nike t, he dangled an orange in front of the treadmill just, just out of her reach, perhaps to entice her to keep going.

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